Cat scratch fever, They are acting
like she is typhoid mary, glitter
dress in the air plane, her skin
is battery acid when you catch
the flash.

she says she misses it
too much, tiny little kentucky,
louisiana, mississippi or wherever.

the sun burns for
a billion years on the tv
in the metal house, with the baby
in the front seat. candle wax
skin in the tomb, if They would
only let her.

sixty million entire
dollars, work horse girl
and They say she is too
stupid small senile
for it all.

lost her mind – literally
the way of the old lady
but she still remembers
all the words, mom’s
best 90s song, her mtv classic.

baby fish drowning in
alka-seltzer for the fake
flu, an umbrella in the sunshine,
daddy said he did
all he could to save save save her
money. her bank is open
twenty four seven.

a decade long billion year
scrambled egg, sixty million to kill
your own kid, she paid
her own hitman, wallet open,
her own brain smells
like cigarette smoke, up in flames,
curtain call, only way out
in a body bag.